Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A New Lesson Learned

It's very long day today but I'm too tired to go through the details anymore. I'm even too tired to write another hundred words. Anyway here's a recap of what happened today.

1.  Went to the Hills for my consultation.  I was informed last week to come a little earlier than lunch time.
2.  Disappointed Ate A was not there.  The OPD was full so I had to tell Kuya R what my agenda were right away.
3.  Was told to wait at the lounge until 2pm for the doctor.
4.  The lounge was packed with people from various provinces.  All were told to wait until 2pm.
5.  Chit chat with everyone while watching Showtime and Wowowee.
6.  Found out that almost everyone is new in various stages of newness.  Wow, so many batchmates.  Some are really cute...too bad the cutest was already taken.
7.  Atty. A (met him last month through a poz friend) arrived at 2pm and brought some luscious moist chocolate cakes.  They were delicious, umandar pagka-PG ko...I had three slices LOL.
8.  We were asked to go to the OPD for our consultation only to find out that Dr. D wasn't around! WTF.
9.  We all went back to the lounge to complain to Ate E who at once went looking for an available doctor.  She did find one but she told me that I had to see Dr. D instead for ARV enrollment.  She asked me if I were ready.  I said yes.  I have to come back some other time...maybe a few weeks from now.
10.  I learned a new lesson today.  I should call the Hills first before going there again or else I would just be wasting my time and effort.  If it weren't for the new friends I met, it would have been a complete waste of time.


TheChemistryGuy said...

if you were there Tuesday, May 4.. then i was there too..

fishinthepacific said...

aha! kilala na kita hahaha! kaw si Z? hehehe

TheChemistryGuy said...

hmm, hindi kita kilala.... heheh.
are you sure ba na ako yun??

hala, hindi kita kilala...... :(

fishinthepacific said...

kaw yung may jansport backpack na blue, right? hehe umuwi mga bandang hapon kasi may pasok? hehehe